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Way of Council

Way of Council — also called the ART OF INTIMATE CONVERSATION — teaches how to listen and talk with the heart in a spontaneous and concise way.
It was developed in the Ojai Foundation and since 1979 is their primary practice to support group interaction, conflict resolution, storytelling, decision-making and co-visioning.
The roots of Council also can be found in many earth-cherishing cultures around the world, as well as in classical Greek culture.

Leon Berg, who became a dear friend, introduced me to the Way of Council which helps individuals to walk a path of personal growth together and supports the deep connection with the people we want to improve relationships with in our private life. It works with friends, partners, children, parents and also in the professional field with colleagues, collaborateurs, investors or clients.

The Power of Listening - An Ancient Practice for Our Future: Leon Berg at TEDxRedondoBeach