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Psychomagic is the name of a therapeutic practice used by Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Though I am not a certified therapist, I love to leverage the power of imagination, creativity, symbolism, and rituals to support the transformation process.

Psychomagic combines art, Eastern philosophies (particularly Zen Buddhism), mysticism and modern psychotherapy to help with emotional issues.

The principle relies on the observation that the subconscious mind takes images and symbolic acts as a fact. Interestingly, to our mind it doesn’t make a big difference if you SEE an object or REMEMBER the object. The same brain activity can be measured!

Plus, for our subconscious mind, time doesn’t exist — so it doesn’t distinguish between past, present and future, which makes this a very interesting and powerful tool.

And last but not least, symbolic acts can be a lot of fun, and lead to very powerful disruptions to old patterns or ways of thinking as they incorporate physical action, thus they add a kinesthetic dimension to the mental and emotional experience.