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Sabine Schuh, aka the “Shirley Holmes of Transformation,” is a warm, loving, intuitive, and incredibly skilled “Breakthrough Facilitator” in the lives of people of influence, and regular people alike.

No matter where you find yourself in life — immensely successful and fulfilled or still trying to get there — everyone needs help breaking through their invisible barriers to their next level. Finding and helping you dissolve those barriers is Sabine’s superpower.

Each of these videos represent the gratitude for and recommendations of Sabine’s work in their lives.

See for yourself and find out what Sabine can do for you!

Sabine Schuh, a.k.a.
Shirley Holmes of Transformation
World’s Greatest Consulting Detective

Sam Beard

I’m a completely different person. I had such success with Sabine. I’ve talked to many people about her services that are really transformational. I just encourage everybody to work with Sabine because she’s only there to help you and has the capacity to completely change your outlook on life.

Sabine has such a professional calm and just credible, beautiful presence that you relax. She’s a magician. So what did that mean to me? When I went inside, it started with: “Did I love myself fully or not?”

Sam Beard
Founder, CONNECT. Counsellor to Eight U.S. Presidents

Anthony Wade, a.k.a. “Doctor Voice”

I’ve attained insights, feelings and connections to my whole entire life in a different way, which enables me to make better decisions and have more informed awareness inside me of what I need to be doing, saying and feeling. It’s been an awakening.

Anthony Wade, a.k.a. “Doctor Voice”
Voice Coach to the Stars

Bill Carmody

What Sabine does is she actually supports you in letting go of those masks, all the things you think you must be in the world in order to be loved, to be accepted, and to be enough. And she helps you connect with the truth. That who you are is enough, by default, that your beingness is sufficient for the world. In fact, it’s what the world needs. And when you cover it up with all those masks, and that fakeness you know, you might feel like you’re pulling it off, but what you’re doing is you’re robbing the world of who you really are.

And what she does is support you in connecting with your wholeness and your authenticity, so that you can show up in the world, in exactly the way the world needs. And frankly, the way you need to be able to not only survive, but thrive, to be your best self, and to take on exactly the things you know you’re capable of, to make a huge impact, leave your legacy, and connect in the world in ways that most people never get the chance.

So don’t miss this opportunity. Connect with her. Be with her. Trust yourself.

Bill Carmody
Digital Marketing Expert

Morgane Meyer

I have gone through quite a bit of therapy before… Previously, my experiences were more talking about everything. So letting it out, which is also really important. But with Sabine I think especially it’s putting with theory and practice, actually working through those things, rather than just talking about it.

Sabine really helped me and I actually feel so much better — not just because I got things off my chest, but because I see it very differently. The biggest revelation that Sabine really had for me was just the fact that I’m finishing this programme with the idea that it’s not just something off my chest, but it’s something with a new perspective I can apply to my life.

Morgane Meyer
Project Manager

Nicole Brandon

Sabine is one of these people present on the planet that is living their gift and sharing their gifts in such a high, profound, incredible way. You could not climb to the highest mountaintop in the world and spend years seeking and searching to find somebody that’s going to make more of an impact, or more of a difference
Dame Nicole Brandon
Producer, Writer, Humanitarian, Entrepreneur

Lawrence Bloom

“Very simply, Sabine is probably good as good as any psychoanalyst or psychiatrist that you’ll ever meet. What makes it different is how she makes it fun. It may sound strange to you, but it actually works. And if you can respond to that bubble that she creates, that she holds you in… then I tell you not only will you solve a single issue, but many of the issues that you come to her to solve.

And you’ll actually laugh and smile and chuckle all the way through.

Lawrence Bloom (R.I.P.)

Thinker, Speaker, Activist, Chairman. and Co-creator of the Hotel Environmental Manual, which was adopted by HRM Prince Charles

Louise Evans

If you want to go on a journey with someone who can really take you places which you haven’t been before, with both the lightness of spirit and profundity at the same time, and will keep you on track… if you’re really serious about wanting to make some shifts in your life, then you can depend 100% on Sabine to help you on that journey.

Louise Evans
CEO and Creator of The 5 Chairs

Catherine Schopfer

Sabine gave me the direction to this this place where I can be aligned and in harmony with myself and with my environment in order to really create my future!

I know Sabine offers a you a first session before going for the big package or whatever … she has a few different packages. Try it on for yourself. So for me her work is really freeing you from burdens, aligning you, making you aware of who you are, what are your potential possibilities and bringing you to the next level in order for you to create what you meant to create here in this life.

Catherine Schopfer

Celynn Morin

Sabine has given me lots of little tricks and tools that I can use to not only feel more aligned but also tap into my intuition. And one of the most powerful things has been not exactly the mechanisms but more the permission. So the fact that I give myself permission to tap into my unconscious and the power that has been really valuable for me.

I do believe that Sabine is definitely a person that can help transformational lead leaders not feel as if they are alone — because it is like it’s it is lonely at the top so to speak, and not easy to find people that not only that you can trust, but that you feel can give you gifts and tools and techniques or question you and be provocative enough to help you to stretch further and to go beyond the tippy top of tiptoes. And Sabine definitely has that ability to do that with any transformational leader.

Celynn Morin
Founder, Resilient Energy Center

Estelle Meyer

I would 100% recommend doing a workshop with her, it helps your break through to feel more confident. First of all, makes you feel so much better, and so much lighter, that you have more space to be able to express the way you want to express yourself. To think of new ideas and work on what you want to achieve. And also it just gives you tools it gives you tools to be more powerful, to use tools to stand up as a leader to feel more empowered. So I think that’s just overall just a really great way to be a better leader than you were before.

Estelle Meyer
Project Manager at Attensi