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The 5 Chairs


I learned about “THE 5 CHAIRS” in 2017 when I was Programming Director for the PWA (Professional Women’s Association) in Rome — interviewing founder Louise Evans in order to organize a conference with her.
What can I say… I fell in Love with who she is and what she offers!

In fact, we were so on the same wavelength that the conversation went in all kinds of directions and she ended up becoming not only my client, but also a client of my partner on her marketing and branding and course design and development.

What I love about Louise’s method is that this innovative learning experience consists of 5 “Chairs” which act as a behavioral compass for us all. Each chair represents a different set of behaviors and attitudes to choose from in reaction to life’s events. Some are positive and virtuous, others are toxic and unproductive, but all of them help you to become a “Behavioral Ninja.” She teaches you to recognize these behaviors in yourself and others, so you will have the choice of responding to challenging situations skilfully, rather than reacting to them destructively.

5 Chairs 5 Choices

Louise is known around the world with over 5 Million views with her TEDx talk, “Own Your Behaviours, Master Your Communication, Determine Your Success” | Louise Evans | TEDxGenova