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Stem Cell Activation and
Age Reversal in a Light Patch!

Our lives are becoming progressively more complicated. For many of us our health is more and more compromised through:

  • ongoing stress,
  • personal and environmental challenges
  • and an increasing pollution of water, food and air ….

What if there was a scientifically proven technology ...

… that would help you to deal with all of that in a natural and powerful way, without any drugs, chemicals or stimulants?
… that is based on proven knowledge that is thousands of years old?
… that is in alignment with your own body and how it functions?
… that enables your body to function at its best by activating your own stem cells and more?
… that would do all of that while being affordable?

Meet Stem Cell Activation and Age Reversal in a Light Patch

The LifeWave patches are based on Light Therapy and Acupuncture (without needles). Find more about how the patches work and why they are so powerful.

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How LifeWave Patches Work

(2:12 min)

X39 - The Secret Sauce to Life!
How this Amazing Patch Activates
Your Own Stem Cells

The X39 represents a profoundly researched, affordable and ethical stem cell activation technology, designed to activate your own stem cells  production.

Enjoy countless benefits from younger looks to an increase of vitality, the improvements of sleep and faster wound healing to the reduction of pain and so much more.

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How to Activate Your Own Stem Cells

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LifeWave X49 - A New Way of Living

Age shouldn’t hold you back. That’s why at LifeWave, we’ve revolutionized how you think and feel about aging. Our cutting-edge patch technology helps you live long and live well. 

X49 harnesses your body’s energy to boost performance, strength, and stamina, support a healthy cardiovascular system, and much more

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A New way of Living

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The Champions of the World
use LifeWave’s Light and
Energy Patches to WIN BIG!

David Beckham

Michael Phelps

Serena Williams

Christian Birkner

Youri Duplessis

Mihaela Buzarnescu

My personal
hair growth testimonial

“Stem Cell
Activation led to
10 cm (nearly 4 inches)
of new hair
in 9 months!”

~ Sabine Schuh

LifeWave Manager

During the last 2 years I went less to the hairdresser as I did before. For once because there was covid and lockdowns and not many occasions to go out, but I also wanted to grow my hair, so I waited between the visits a bit longer than usual. Every time I went, my hairdresser was quite surprised how long my hair had grown in the meantime, but last time, she suddenly yelled out unexpectedly!

As usual when she was done with washing and cutting my hair, she started drying it by pulling some of it with the brush away from the head so that she could dry blow it with the hair dryer in her other hand.

When she did that on the sides, everything was still normal, …

… but when she did the same procedure upwards this time, she started to scream!

At first I didn’t understand what was happening, but then she pointed out all the new hair that was falling down.

At that point in time I was taking the X39 regularly for about 9 month and the “crown” of new hair was about 10 cm (nearly 4 inches) long.

How can it get any
better than that!?


Watch this video as LifeWave’s VP of
Marketing and resident TV guy, Jim Caldwell, working with LifeWave distributor and equine expert John Chance, shows you amazing, fast responses among horses as they visibly settle down (pain and discomfort dramatically reduces) the minute LifeWave patches are applied.

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Horses Don't Lie

(4:11 min)

When you never give up...

Jason Fowler experienced a tragedy at the age of 17 that would stop most teenagers in their tracks. But Jason, now in his forties, took that moment and turned it into a story of amazing triumph over adversity. Some say your attitude determines your altitude… Jason is soaring!

Watch this video to witness the heart of an Ironman champion!

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LifeWave Meets Ironman

(5:32 min)

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Video showcasing the history of the company and its impressive growth of products including LifeWave’s premier product — X39!.

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This is LifeWave

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