Stem Cell Activation and Age Reversal in a Light Patch!

How to qualify to receive 5 free amazing
X39 stem cell patches for you to try!
(VALUE €50 - VALID till July 31, 2023 - Time investment approximately 15min)

1, Watch the 4 short videos on this page:

  • Learn about PhotoTherapy and how it has been used to create these patches
  • Discover the X39 stem cell patch and how it works
  • Watch a fascinating video demonstration of using patches on horses to relieve pain
  • Listen to a testimonial from an elite sportsman on his experience with LifeWave patches

2, Click on the link and complete the form, answering some simple questions and giving us your details 

3, Submit the form to receive your 5 free X39 stem cell patches in the mail

4, You will receive a follow-up call from us to help you patch yourself correctly and effectively

We look forward to connecting with you and sharing this amazing technology so that you can start feeling the benefits!

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