LONG Story short...

You were gifted an AEON Light Therapy patch, which instantly reduces stress and inflamation in the body. 

This page provides:     (click on the topic and it jumps to the section)

  2. QUICK TEST to create an instant experience for you
  3. QUICK TEST in ACTION (video from when I patched some friends)
  4. BASICSon how the patch works

1. context

Dear Friend,

I have never been to Broughton Hall, nor ever met any of you before, but I knew this weekend would be a beautiful, mindblowing and extraordinary experience for so many reasons and on so many levels.

So I had this idea to gift you a futuristic light healing technology that I use with my clients, which I hope will inspire you even more to look beyond the standard perception of how to deal with physical, mental and emotional challengesThere is so much we can do with LOVE and LIGHT!

I hope that this page will help you to understand how to use your gift and how powerful the patches are... so bear with me!   🙂

You can either do the QUICK TEST first or scroll down the page and have a look at the mini videos or even the science behind the patch to understand this technology better before you try it out.

Please keep in mind that I created this page only for this group, so it doesn’t show up in the menu of my site. When you click on any other topic in the menu and want to get back to this page, you have to go through the original link of the QR code again.  😉

I am available any time to guide you through the patching process or answer any of your questions and I hope that this is a
starting point for a deeper conversation on how to create flow and wellbeing in your life.   🙂

I hope you will enjoy this experience and be inspired by it! 

I am looking forward to growing friendships with this amazing group of uplifting and inspiring visionaries over the next years… 


2. Quick test

Step by Step Guide

Klick on the picture on the left and follow the instructions shared in the pdf that is provided.

Have fun with it!


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3. Quick test in action

Party Patching... :)))

The other day some friends and I had fun patching at a party. 
This video will show you how I did the QUICK TEST with them.

I used a standard kinesiologic muscle test.
If you know how to auto-test, please do that.

If not you just think of your problem and SWALLOW as it is described in the PDF above! 
(Simply said…. if it is hard to swallow the problem is there. If easy, your brain is in the WHOLE BRAIN STATE, which meanst you are in FLOW  and the patches are working.)

11:06 fun minutes to watch…


Our lives are becoming progressively more complicated. For many of us our health is more and more compromised through:

  • ongoing stress,
  • personal and environmental challenges
  • and an increasing pollution of water, food and air ….


What if there was a scientifically proven technology ...

… that would help you to deal with all of that in a natural and powerful way, without any drugs, chemicals or stimulants?
… that is based on proven knowledge that is thousands of years old?
… that is in alignment with your own body and how it functions?
… that enables your body to function at its best by activating your own stem cells and more?
… that would do all of that while being affordable?


Watch Now (2:12 min)

The LifeWave Patch in Action

The LifeWave patches are based on Light Therapy and Acupuncture (without needles). 

They reflect the bio-photons that your own body emits back into your body to stimulate your cells to function better. 

I have given you the AEON patch,
but there are other patches for stem cell growth, stress reduction, energy, pain relief, inflammation, liver cleansing and more.

Watch Now (1:16 min)

Your gift, the AEON "Happy Patch" stimulates your system to REDUCE STRESS and INFLAMATION.

Here is what David Schmid,
the CEO of LifeWave
has to say about one of his favorite patches…


Horses Don't Lie

Watch LifeWave distributor and equine expert John Chance, 
showing you amazing, fast responses among horses
as they visibly settle down
(pain and discomfort dramatically reduces)
the minute LifeWave patches are applied.

Watch Now: (4:11 min) 


6. QUestions and feedback

How was it?

I hope you had fun with this and would love to hear from your experience.

Klicking on the picture on the left, 

  • you can leave me your comments
  • ask any questions you have
  • let me know if you would like to deepen the conversation.
Sending you a BIG HUG,

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