Who I Am

My personal journey and lifelong research started in Germany in 1992, through Yoga and meditation. Over time I became an expert in psycho-bodily techniques, which focus on the body – such as Californian Massage, Rebirthing, Rebalancing, BioDanza – and on the mind, such as PSYCH-K®, Mindfulness, ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS BARS®, EFT® and other techniques of meditation and emotional processing.

I acquired my professional skills by attending accredited training courses and obtaining numerous internationally recognized certifications. In addition, I completed my training and put my knowledge into practice as responsible for the psycho-physical balance of the participants enrolled in the courses of the prestigious multinational Landmark Education, which operates in the field of personal training and growth.

However, one of the greatest teachers and source of constant inspiration has been and still is my own life.
Though it was not always easy, I am grateful for the experiences I have made on my personal journey and for the wonderful people I met along the way.

Sabine Schuh on The People We Are

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