What I Do

The key to what I do is simplicity, even if it’s a bit difficult to explain.

In a poetic way I would say that I feel being a Muse that inspires the growth and development of the individual, helping people to free themselves from the past, to clarify their ideas and to connect with their inner potentials in order to facilitate with ease and fun the realization of the desired life.

I work with people who want to improve their lives in general and who are curious to discover new approaches to achieve their goals faster. All this, through the achievement of a balance between body, heart, mind and spirit.

I deal with all these things as Facilitator, Life & Business Designer and Speaker.



As a Facilitator I am a catalyst for awareness, happiness and success of the people who work with me, supporting them to connect with their own resources quickly and efficiently to overcome the mechanisms that often block their growth and personal success.

My intervention aims to create a condition of awareness which allows people to be more present in their lives, thus becoming lighter and more authentic. Through the support I offer, the individual will become able to choose a new path that starts within and that allows him to break free from the identification with the old mechanisms of suffering, transforming them into a new awareness and quality of life.

Life & Business Designer

As a Life & Business Designer  I propose an unusual approach to personal growth, which allows access to a high quality of life. By unlocking one’s limits, it is possible to develop the skills that allow to give a precise direction to one’s private and work life.

The approach is based on the principle that we are all connected with everything that surrounds us through a powerful electromagnetic field, however, widely investigated by official scientific research.
The challenge is to realize that we have the possibility not only of influencing what happens in our lives, but of being the creators of life itself in all senses and of being able to determine the direction in which we want to go.

This means not only that it is possible to solve stress, fear, worry and reduce negative attitudes, and overcome difficult moments of all kinds, but also to go in the right direction, for example by improving personal and professional performance, learning ability or memory.

As a Speaker, I hold workshops and seminars on various topics that allow people to approach with varying intensity all the issues I deal with.
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