“It’s easier to face the challenges of life with a trusted person by your side and once you start the process, it becomes easier and more natural.

Sabine Schuh

I asked Sabine for advice on improving my English and I received more than I expected.
We have worked starting from the relationships with the English teachers of my childhood, freeing me from the blockages, fears and tensions that I had and then continued the work by improving and strengthening the relationship with the foreign language.
Sabine gave me back a dream I always had: studying and communicating in English with joy and curiosity.
She was precise, profound in observing my dynamics and everything was done lightly thanks to her sympathy!
I am deeply grateful!


Nutritionist Biologist, Italy

Dear Sabine,
First of all THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, with all my heart.
I think that, of the various beautiful things that have happened to me recently, having you crossing my way was one of the most magical.
In certain moments during the work we did together I felt transparent as if I had undergone an x-ray, so much was your ability to go deep, but, at the same time, never uncomfortable, never judged, never violated, so was the grace and the delicacy with which you approached.
And gradually the initial mistrust of the method was replaced by the reassuring sensation that I couldn’t find myself in a more welcoming and secure situation, and that there was no better way to care of myself.
I got amazing results in such a short period of time, certainly because I put myself at stake, certainly because our work went in parallel with other instruments along a common path, but, frankly, I think especially because there is in you an authentic warmth of restorative empathy, combined with a sharpness of perception out of the ordinary.
I can well imagine how this can sometimes be a source of fatigue and heaviness for you, even if, in most of the moments, we shared joy and laughter, and even your ability of lightness I have tried in some way to make mine.
With a big hug,


Processworker, Turin

You are a person one needs to know in life.
Thank you so much.


Cook, Rome

Dear Sabine,
Our encounter has been a fantastic experience which enabled me to understand and express much better a lot of things and emotions! I feel much more relaxed and patient and I share much more with the people around me how I perceive my reality!
I will recommend this experience not just because you are very capable, but also because you are fun to work with and beautiful, inside and outside!
Thank you for your attention, responsibility, punctuality and professionalism!
Take care.


Entrepreneur, Venezuela

Dear Sabine,
I feel much better since when we started to work together, because I am more relaxed and balanced and less jumpy. I also noticed that I am doing things with more ease and verve and that I manage better to realize my ideas.
I am very thankful for this sensation of more energy and I also want to share that I am much less ill than before.
You all the best!


Midwife, Germany

Thanks to you …. you’re a hurricane !!!!!
You emanate an incredible amount of energy and positivity!


Employee, Rome

Dear Sabine,
I want to thank you for teaching me, with your techniques, to overcome a bad time which I call “panic attack.” A monster that has made a period of my life unbearable. “Your” PSYCH-K® was able to “reset” my mind, bringing me back to the origins, and to believe again in myself after years of insecurity and uncertainty.
I finally found myself, inner peace and greater confidence in my potential.
Thank you.


Mom, Rome

I was able to confirm the effectiveness of the method PSYCH-K®, which I have experienced during the three months of weekly meetings with Sabine, through the fast and targeted inner changes that I made, on the mental and emotional level.
With a background of thirty years of experience which I gained by attending seminars, courses, and sessions of various holistic techniques, I can say that I have rarely known facilitators expressing balance in personality, operational and effectiveness in the use of the technology, looking for substantial concreteness in the results, while verbalizing essential and detailed concepts and evaluations and demonstrating loving softness in welcoming my personal themes.
The highest value though to the experience of this journey, I give to the constant feeling of closeness, understanding, respectful stimulation and mental ductility and detailed attention I perceived in the meetings with Sabine.
I have gratitude for the support and the ‘good walk’ we shared together.


Co-founder of the Holistic Center Terra di Luce, Corvaro (RI)

I am 30 years old and had three years of psychotherapy because I always felt insecure and had low self-esteem as a woman, which led me to never find the right guy (my unconscious was looking for guys with whom the relationships would have ended after a few months, or problematic guys like me or worse, guys that belittled even more my weak self-esteem).
After years of psychotherapy I did not see big changes in my life. Then I met Sabine, who told me about the methods she uses to change the beliefs rooted in ourselves.
After 12 very interactive and fun sessions, which included exercises and techniques to do at home, I rediscovered my femininity, the confidence in myself and I even found a wonderful man who loves and respects me and …. we decided to get married in September!
Thanks Sabine of your professionalism!


Nurse, Milan

I was very pleased to meet you and your beautiful and sparkling energy!!!
You radiate so much positivity and joy to live… You have left us with a beautiful message… You have shown your greatness in a humble way that inspired and did not cause any feelings of inferiority, as it sometimes can happen.
It is a bit like Marianne Williamson expressed in the speech she wrote for Nelson Mandela ‘And when we allow our light to shine, we unknowingly give others the chance to do the same. And when we free ourselves from our fears, our presence automatically frees others.’


Psychologist, USA

I was a person who did not like myself much. I had a weak, taciturn character, because I did not believe in myself. I lived my life without enthusiasm, as if I was waiting for something or someone to come and save me.
Then I met Sabine, through a friend of mine who had worked with her and who had spoken well about her. I had noticed in my friend a remarkable change in relating to others which inspired me. So we organized a meeting to talk. Sabine explained to me how the sessions worked and I was madly curios and started my journey immediately.
At the beginning it seemed unbelievable that in a moment you could unlock fears, but it was true!
I was apprehensive, anxious and stressed … in a word … negative! Yet with Sabine, week after week, balance after balance, after explanations of techniques and various exercises, I was changing and I felt always lighter, more charged. Positive!!!
Now I feel like a new person, excited about living and without some phobias that we have unlocked incredibly fast and easy! I did not believe it, but it happened! We even transformed my fear of flying and I got on a plane! And not even a big one, just an ultra light! Here my enthusiasm went over the roof!

Now I’m sure of myself, and am the center of my life. Now “alive.”
Thank you Sabine, I owe you everything.


Dental Hygienist, Rome

Dear Dana,
I did not know PSYCH-K® and I was really impressed. I find it a very functional technique, effective and respectful, able to solve in a flash emotional conflicts and deep trauma, a great tool to have on hand for personal research work and growth; but above all I wanted to thank you for your lovely professionalism, your intuition, your great delicacy … and your big heart, because the technique is undoubtedly effective, but the way in which it is applied, for me makes the difference!
A big hug,


Yoga Teacher, Rome

I had the pleasure of working with Sabine during the course PSYCH-K® Health and Wellness Program.
I was impressed by her intuition, and her mastery of PSYCH-K®, the ease and naturalness with which she conducts the sessions.
During our hour of work, she gave me great ideas and, in addition, I also had so much fun.
What better way to improve then by lightness and joy?


Manager and Facilitator, Milan

I turned to Sabine to resolve a situation where I was physically attacked and family problems from my past.
I have made considerable progress and changes, thanks to the techniques she has performed, both for the way she applies them and for the commitment and seriousness with which she carries out her work.
Before getting to know Sabine, I had several experiences with other operators and I have to say that working with her was very pleasant and productive because I never felt like a patient, but a person who was listened to and respected.
Thank you Sabine.


Employee , Rome

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