“We are like fish in water. Until we jump out, we cannot perceive in what kind of water we are swimming in.
It often takes strength and courage to jump high or even to change the river, but there are many methods and techniques that can be used.

Sabine Schuh

Together with the techniques listed below, I propose a series of approaches and reflections that together with my experience, intuition, empathy and sensitivity, allow to achieve the desired results in the shortest time possible. Normally people who work with me, not only solve concrete problems in a very practical way, but also perceive an increase in serenity and quality of life in general.

The meetings can be individual weekly sessions or so-called “intensives”, which I hold in German, Italian and English, live or via Skype or telephone.

A personalized process takes an average from a few weeks to a maximum of six months; in some specific cases, alternative plans can also be developed.


PSYCH-K® is an American discipline that since 1988 has become known all around the world and which uses the kinesiology muscle testing to allow a dialogue between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

By creating an immediate Whole Brain State, it is possible to unblock and transform limiting beliefs, which often prevent us from reaching our goals and desires. By changing your believes, you change your perception, which results in a new behavior and concrete results.

It’s a safe tool, extremely powerful, fast and fun.

Way of Council®

It is an approach that combines the seriousness of content with a form that can also be fun and playful. Way of Council, by some also called the ART OF INTIMATE CONVERSATION, teaches pleasantly how to listen and talk with the heart in a spontaneous and synthetic way, to grow together and connect deeply with others: with the people we want to improve relationships with friends, partners, children, parents, but also in the professional field with colleagues, partners or clients.

Processwork® (PW)

PW is an original therapeutic approach internationally also known as Process Oriented Psychology (POP) that was designed by Arnold Mindell, PhD., who became a quoted Jungian Analyst after his Master in Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge.

This trans-disciplinary approach unites the new paradigms of science – such as quantum physics, new biology, field and systems theory, information and communication sciences – to ancient spiritual disciplines such as indigenous culture, Shamanism and Taoism.

Processwork is a practice of awareness that fosters an individual and collective change (through worldwork), working on physical symptoms, relationship problems, conflicts and social tensions in groups to develop the awareness of a ‘human potential’ with the intent to realize a ‘deep democracy’ in any environment and relationship.


The concept of Mindfulness comes from the teachings of Buddhism, Zen and Yoga meditation practices. Since the 1970s in the United States this model, which has been defined by the physician Kabat-Zinn, has been assimilated and used as an autonomous paradigm in some medical and psychotherapeutic disciplines. Today it represents a way to pay attention, moment by moment, intentionally and without judging, in order to resolve (or prevent) the inner suffering and reach an acceptance of self through a greater awareness of one’s own experiences: feelings, perceptions, impulses, emotions , thoughts, words, actions and relationships.

Access Consciousness BARS®

Through a gentle touch on 32 points on the head (which are also found in Chinese Medicine), a Whole Brain State is created and everything that does not allow to obtain results is released.

These points contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions and considerations that we have stored.

The technique offers a deep relaxation for body and mind and the opportunity to unlock limiting thoughts by starting from scratch.

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